Bang Saray Beach

The beach stretches approximately l.5km and can be reached by turning right at the bottom of the road that runs through Bang Saray. The portion of the beach closest to the town has an area for parking spanning about 300m. Here you will find a number of food stalls where you can get basic Thai food, snacks and drinks. The remainder of the beach is free from vendors, jet skis and all of the other paraphernalia you find on Pattaya and Jomtien beaches. It's a place to relax and enjoy the golden sands which slope gently into the clear waters surrounding Bang Saray.

The Beach Restaurant is located at the far end of beach road just before the turning that leads to Sukhumvit highway. We serve breakfast lunch and dinner, Thai and Western food, teas, coffee, soft drinks, beers and sprits from 10:00 (10am) onwards.

the start of bang saray beach road
Bang Saray Beach road nearest the town

bang saray beach
Bang Saray looking towards the town

fisherman bang saray beach road
Small fishing boat

near bang saray beach restaurant
Bang Saray Beach near The Beach Restaurant

bang saray sunset
Sunset over Bang Saray

sunset at the beach restaurant
View from our beach bar

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